"Bad Habit" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset

"Bad Habit" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset

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Sound inspired by artists, PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan, & Toosii.
Item Description
  • ALL WAVES Plugin Presets

  • Easy Install Instructions document + Video

  • 4 StudioRack Preset Inserts

  • 19 Individual Plugin Presets

  • Works with Any DAW that accepts Third-Party Plugins

  • Supports Windows and Mac Operating Systems

  • Video on how to find key scale to beat

  • Instant File Download After Purchase

Vocal Effect Sample:

If you are having trouble downloading or installing "StudioRack", no worries. Inside the kit there are 2 other methods on how to obtain this vocal effect. They include individual ordered presets and an MP4 Video showing you every plugin used, as well as the exact numbers for every knob.



Waves Plugins DO NOT come with this preset kit. Please be sure you have the following Waves Plugins before purchasing:


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Equipment Used To Record Vocals:
All Vocal presets are created and tested by Key WAV
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Customer Reviews

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정환 김
The best preset

Getting a basic guide is very helpful.
I only buy your products.

Brian Berry
Nothing Else Compares...Nada

Hitz B here representing ThePlaybrothas!!!!!

KeyWav, I must say these presets are beyond fire bro. With just a few tweaks, these presets turn vocals into masterpieces! I couldn't help but purchase multiples as I'm getting more and more into recording! Still cant believe i was able to find such quality in a preset, especially for vocals. Blown away.. Keep doing what you do and ill definitely continue to support! Definitely recommend!

Investment Worthwhile

When I purchased this preset I knew that I made a solid investment and I have zero regrets. It's obvious that a lot of time and effort was put into creating this for mass production and consumption. I believe this is a solid base for anyone looking to take their craft to the next level.


These presets give you so much to work with and an incite on vocal processing and take your vocals to another level after buying one i continued to buy more because it makes me want to play around with different vocals styles and inspired me to create track i would have never done before

Zaron Aron

Amazing preset! Saves you so much time rather than going through each setting to get the sound you want!