"Windy City" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset

"Windy City" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset

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Sound inspired by artist, Giveon.
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Vocal Effect Sample: 



Waves Plugins DO NOT come with this preset kit. Please be sure you have the following Waves Plugins before purchasing:


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Equipment Used To Record Vocals:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Literally perfect

Love this, had to tune it to my liking as it was too exact to Giveon Lmao. Great job 👏🏼

Kardo Santana
A Vibe

This StudioRack preset just helped me add another tool to my arsenal. It transformed my vocals into a sound I was searching for. Key definitely snapped on this one (as usual). I would suggest trying this one if you’re looking for a new and refreshing sound. This Giveon preset really helps you channel a nice lower register for the vocals. It’s perfect.


This preset will definitely give you that Giveon type sound! I'm enjoying it; very fun to use for melodies and harmonies! Great job, Key!!!