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about us


Hey! My name is Key. I am an audio engineer, producer, content creator, anime fanatic and co founder of Key WAV. My life has always been about music...and anime. I was always curious and interested in knowing how music was created. In 2010, I downloaded a demo version of FL Studio 9, bought a cheap USB condenser microphone, and used my college laptop to make beats and record songs. Once I started, I never stopped. I knew I had to pursue this passion. I created 3 hip hop mixtapes, put an album on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., produced 1,000+ instrumentals, performed and opened for artists like Kid Ink, Rae Sremmurd, SoMo and some local legends.


fast forward

The knowledge that I was able to develop in my 10+ years of making music was learned by combing through hundreds of tutorials on YouTube, many mistakes, and my musical peers. I'm thankful and forever grateful to have received support and worked with brands such as Image-Line, Waves Audio, Avid, Antares, iZotope and more. It is now my duty and obligation to share what I have learned, and help others express themselves to achieve their dreams. 

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