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Due to time limitations, all requests are not considered at this time. Check out our presets for vocal mixing fixes.

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Difference Between 2-Track vs. Multi-Track Mix and Master?

A 2-Track Stereo mix and master includes only one (1) WAV/MP3 file of the instrumental track. The Multi-Track mix and master includes all the project instrumental and vocal audio stems.

What Is Included And Not Included In Mix And Master Service?

-Leveling pre-finalized vocals to mix with beat 

-Cleaning and polishing of vocals for the desired soundBus effects such as Reverb, Delay, Flangers and Chorus 

-A complete mastered version of song at -9 LUFS to -14 LUFS

-A Mixed and Mastered MP3 + WAV 

 Not Included: 



-Beat Drops

-Reverse Reverbs

-Strong Panning of Vocals

-Clean Version Of Final Mix

-Major altering of vocals such as pitching octave down or up.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

I would need the RAW/DRY WAV Trackout stems of your songs. If you don't know how to Trackout WAV files of a song, look up on YouTube, "How to Trackout WAV files from (name of your DAW)." Please make sure all WAV Trackouts are the completed song files. Do NOT add duplicates, back ups or unwanted audio files in the trackouts.

When Do You Start Mixing?

I start the mixing and mastering process right after I receive the payment and download the trackout files. You can start the stopwatch right after that!

Other Questions?

Please email hello@keywav.io. Business inquires only.