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Perfect ! Absolutely satisfied by this bundle ; ) !

The Key 2 Recording

There's no lying when the how's and why's to record in FL Studio, lie right here. Ive been supporting and rockin with Key for years and had i not got introduced to him, I wouldnt be where im at with FL Studio now. This starter bundle pack is perfectly detailed and put together to where it will have you up and recording within just a couple of hours and waiting for the 2nd bundle 2 drop. This guy knows his stuff and if your stuck not knowing what to do in FL Studio or how to get started, then cop this bundle and stop wastin your time. The answers are in this pack!!!!!

Won’t disappoint

I thought it wasn’t going to be that much different than what I could mix and make but, man was I wrong. It makes your vocals so clean and crisp I definitely recommend!

Player made

Once I heard the previews of the templates and how well the vocals were mastered out by key wav, I knew then, I myself don’t always have the time to be mixing and mastering my vocals when I’m busy getting ideas and doing versus I was satisfied with all of the details and hard work key wav put together for any artists and producers that are tryna stay on the grind and make more high quality music. Don’t hesitate to hit the purchase button. Music is an investment. So invest in your time and money where it’s due, key wav is a great instructor to teach you game about this music industry.

Life changer

Thank you
I been so many years struggling with music production but i learn a lot from you.

Makes a huge difference in the mix! 🔥

I buy many vocal presets to mix and match with others, by far from the ones that i have this one stands out the most. Especially in clarity an it's much brighter and clearer sounding. Really makes a difference, and the adlib presets that come with it are a really nice addition. Best Vocal Preset i have bought for rap really fit's my voice, and i definitely will buy more in the future.

Yo frfr this this melodic rap preset is straight litty. I will be getting more soon. But right now I'm fenna get it in with this one thanks again man


I really love this preset Key Wav did a great job capturing the sound



Very impressed

Litteraly press one button and you get a solid vocal chain!


Original Plugin Review

The plugin is very dope, it gives a different ambience to the track 🔥
The thing i liked more is the preset and the delay.
Everything works properly, no clickbait.


Man this is probably the best one on this site in my OP


The effects are perfect the delay fills the vocals so much I would prefer the autotune settings being in the preset but after watching your video I understand why you didn't


I am glad I added this to the arsenal

"DRIVE" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset
Not sure about this...

The instructions were not quick and easy as the files were XPS type and had to download and install numerous other items including programs onto my computer first rather than just importing a single file directly into FL Studio as I had hoped. For security concerns, I did not install the software on my pc and bailed on the whole thing.

"DRIVE" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset
Key wave is so sick

Key wave is amazing. It brings a different unique sound to artist vocals when am mixing. I will definitely be buying more presets from Key wave

Love this

Exactly what I needed thank you


Ottimo plugin all-in-one. Lo uso per editare voce per podcast. Intuitivo e mi risparmia molto tempo di editing.

Original in it's ease of use and quality

I have only had Original for a couple days so far and so far i've got to say, i like it very much. From it's simple and straight forward interface to the actual abilities it performs i am very pleased. Key also offers very easy to follow tutorials which in turn makes this even more user friendly.


Amazing and easy to use


This preset will definitely give you that Giveon type sound! I'm enjoying it; very fun to use for melodies and harmonies! Great job, Key!!!

Fire 🔥

Probably the best FL studio vocal chain I've purchased from this site or any other 💯

"DRIVE" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset
Gregor Tomi


"DRIVE" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset

It's an awesome preset, it gives me motivation every time I load it up

"DRIVE" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset
vip luv
Good vocal preset

its a good vocal preset and its easy to use. thanks to wav man give it in free.