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Silky Vocals

This is the perfect preset to use when working with an artist, especially a woman with a beautiful voice. I normally don’t use presets but this is an amazing one to add to my collection. Key did an amazing job with setting up the Studiorack macros. All in all, a 5 out 5!


There is a solid reason why this preset is a top seller. It is ready to use and easy to do some adjustments if needed.


I doing first time so i feel like real harder but I will try my best

Excellent customer service

At first I never received it do to some sort of glitch and I was stuck with no answers. Everything changed once someone got in touch with me. They were super empathetic and went above and beyond to help. As for the product itself I honestly think for this price its insanely beneficial. Definitely would recommend this site to anyone recording vocals.



Great Jawn

Dis vocal preset go super hard 🔥

Straight to pros

Great preset gets you balanced and sounding professional very quickly


Made my vocals sound upfront and clean. I like how clear it was in the mix. Definitely use this in mainstream r&b and rap songs!

I like it

I didn't expect that I would get it and I want it but I don't know how and now thanks to you it has become very easy Thank you

Love your work

Great start for beginners to experts

"Moonlight" FL STUDIO Vocal Chain Preset
Francis Carrasquillo Gomez
Great experience!

It was easy to purchase, it does do a good job as advertised!

This is perfect.

This has given be a sound I’ve been trying to obtain forever. 5 stars all the way. You’ll definitely have a J Cole / Logic vibe.

Her Template

This template was everything I needed to improve my sound thanks Keywav for making my job easier


Great vocal Chain! its really sounds amazing I recommend to anyone recording from him and for beginners if your not sure how to make your own vocal preset

Big help

This helped save so much time with trying to find the right sound for a vocal I was looking for. Great for a quick recording session with an artist that has an idea where they are wanting head in sound as far as vocally. Much love!


In years past, I've struggled so hard how to produce it, I didn't expect it to be here. It made a lot of work easier for me. Thank you.

Insane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Yo this preser is firely insane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

pretty good

nice stuff


Love this one, would also go for the waves version if I had all the plug-in ;(

Awesome Presets

time saver

cole like

Constructed well to get you a fast mix in place with clarity and great sound

Amazing FX

I really enjoy using this preset in my bedroom pops out some good quality vocals..I would to purchase more from Key Wav

Awesome Pack

Great Preset Pack and the Studio Rack makes life very easy

Great Presets

Purchased 3 other presets in the past from KeyWav, just recently purchased this (Tried) preset. All sounds great if you’re familiar with adjusting settings to your liking. Big thanks Key!