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J cole presets

i was very happy with these presets made me sound like a pro engineer lol

Awesome Tool

Original is super easy to use and it makes life so much easier. The vocal presets were great, but this takes it to another level. Definitely recommend purchasing Original!


Always satisfied with my purchases on your site. your presets are very good but your plugin is extraordinary.

my work is of a very professional quality thanks to this plugin I highly recommend it.



exact plugins

i have a few of tge plugins required already since i can only grab a couple at s time. which are the req6

A step above the rest

For real, I've spent money on a couple other people's vocal chains and they don't even compare. I was so confident by just the free templates I got that I bought 3 more. Love the lay out and how easy they are to use as well as how clean the sound is. Not to mention the adlib tracks included with the main vocal templates. The whole thing used correctly will take your production to the next level.

Main is so clean and Adlibs give great support

Love the main and adlib track on this one. Applied the adlib preset to my backing vocals and double tracks to support the main, it's perfect for backing vocals! Depending on the song's vibe you can experiment further with the settings and get really cool sounds out of it. The main vocal track is so clean too. Both preset tracks work great together!

One of my favorites

I can tell this is going to become a go-to preset for me. Nice effects give it a smooth tone and overall really crisp vocals! The compressors on this work amazingly, and the delay/reverb is spot on.

Love this for clear vocals

Love how the SSL is set up on this preset; gives the vocals a very clean sound and highlights natural vocals.

Freash new clear clarity pack

Nice up front beautiful backgrounds this is new age with a twist of old school it's great

Best vocal presets I ever used. And ive used many. Helps you get a great sound right away. I bought several. Also Key is a very nice guy. I had a problem minor problem with one of my orders which was really a mistake on my part, and I emailed keywav and they helped to fix my problem right away! So grateful for good people that still exist. 🙏🏽


Extremely Helpful! Best one yet

Definitely gets you that quality you are looking for in one

I like it

The setup helped me improve my vocal performance, thanks for what you're doing to artists.

loved it

gave me the boast i needed


Super clean sounding vocals and perfect for beginners who can’t quite mix yet !

Wavy Sound

Love the sound, most likely going to purchase more packs. Amazing quality.

Mixing guide

Its a beautiful preset for starting of on

very cool!

loved the sound! i use this pre-set to mix and mod other vocal chains i have created. thank you KEYWAV!


Very nice and tight preset, helped me with the production for women singer


Dope forsho, dope sound

how do i install this after i purchase

i dont know how to install


The mixing template is user friendly ...really usefull to homestudios like mine here in Botswana


great ! thanks a lot :)