"Wasted" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset

"Wasted" WAVES Vocal Chain Preset

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Sound inspired by artist, Blackbear.
Item Description
  • ALL WAVES Plugin Presets

  • Easy Install Instructions document + Video

  • 4 StudioRack Preset Inserts

  • 22 Individual Plugin Presets

  • Works with Any DAW that accepts Third-Party Plugins

  • Supports Windows and Mac Operating Systems

  • Video on how to find key scale to beat

  • Instant File Download After Purchase

Vocal Effect Sample:

If you are having trouble downloading or installing "StudioRack", no worries. Inside the kit there are 2 other methods on how to obtain this vocal effect. They include individual ordered presets and an MP4 Video showing you every plugin used, as well as the exact numbers for every knob.



Waves Plugins DO NOT come with this preset kit. Please be sure you have the following Waves Plugins before purchasing:


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Equipment Used To Record Vocals:
All Vocal presets are created and tested by Key WAV
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Abdul Basit Ali
Love it

Great preset, really helped me step
Up my mixing game. Recommend it.

Renny Padilla
Love it!

I have both the FL and the Waves version and I can’t stress enough how clutch they are.

Different situations call for different plugins and I’m glad I have presets for so many with these. Love using them!!

Noah Oglesby

Came through with some new mixing techniques that I haven’t been able to learn before!